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real estate investor websites

Here's what you'll get with your RealWebsite™ subscription...

A complete, professional looking, ready-for-business website already setup for you as soon as you setup your account!

We have created a complete website for you that has all the design components, content pages and feedback forms you need to start sending visitors to your site immediately after you create your user account.  You can use this site just as it is, or completely customize it to best suit your needs.

real estate investor websites screenshot 1

3 squeeze page sites ready to go that you can use with PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising or offline direct response marketing to increase form submission rates.

If you are familiar with internet marketing strategies, then you know how a landing page (also known as a squeeze page) can be used with PPC (Google Adwords) as well as offline direct response marketing (direct mail, classifieds, signs, radio and TV commercials, etc.) to increase conversions and lower your cost per lead into your pipeline.

NOTE: We provide you with
3 starting squeeze page sites that you can start using immediately to collect leads from motivated sellers, buyers and private lenders!

real estate investor websites screenshot 2

The ability to create up to 10 fully automated, hands free websites for buying, selling, renting or whatever!

Now you can have separate websites for buying houses, selling houses, foreclosure investing, attracting bird dogs and private money investors. Plus, you can create separate sites for split testing offline advertising like direct mail, classified ads, signs, radio and TV commercials. (Only one subscription account required)

real estate investor websites screenshot 3

Control over the design, and content of your OWN websites without having to know a single thing about HTML or any other web programming language!

This powerful website management software gives you everything you need to be able to manage your OWN websites without having to know anything about web programming. You can change content, graphics, font type, create feedback forms, add pages, navigation links, and anything else you need with our point and click editors and tools. You can even create your page content using Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into the page editor and you're done!

real estate investor websites screenshot 4

The ability to create custom feedback forms that save visitor submissions to a database, send it to you by email, and integrate with ANY email autoresponder service.

You have complete control over the feedback forms on your websites. You can add, edit and remove fields, change the design and appearance, and add them to any pages on your sites. When a visitor submits a form, the details can be stored in your form submissions database, emailed to you in a CSV file attachment, or saved to any email autoresponder service so they can be added to your email list.

real estate investor websites screenshot 5

A property listing manager to easily list all the properties you have for sale on your websites.

With the property listings feature you can quickly upload images and enter details about all your properties that you have for sale. The listing details will automatically display a Google map of the property and create a printable flyer that interested buyers can print right from your website, or you can use as a flyer in the take-one tubes in front of your properties.

real estate investor websites screenshot 6

Setup bird dogs in your account so they can submit properties and pictures to you.

With the bird dogs feature you can create logins for people you have bird dogging for you, and then they can login to your website and submit properties along with pictures to you. Then you just approve the property information and it will be automatically added to your property listings on your website.

real estate investor websites screenshot 7

In depth traffic statistics with Google Analytics to see where your visitors are coming from, and what percentage of them submit one of your forms.

Knowing where your traffic is coming from, and what percentage of them is submitting your forms (lead conversion rate) is extremely valuable information. Google Analytics will give you precise statistics to let you know if the money you spend on marketing is working, and if your page content is working to persuade visitors to contact you.

real estate investor websites screenshot 8

Over 50 professionally created design templates to choose from to give your site the quality look that screams with credibility and increases response rates.

We have developed over 50 complete website design templates that you can apply to your websites to give them the instant professional look that builds credibility and increases response rates. You can also modify these templates or create your own using the simple design template editor to make your websites 100% unique. 

real estate investor websites screenshot 9

Insert video from YouTube, Screencast, Viddler or any other video sharing site right into your content pages.

Adding video to your sites to showcase properties you have for sale, or to increase landing page conversions is simple! Just create your video and then either upload it directly into your RealWebsite page, or upload to your video sharing site of choice and then copy and paste in the HTML they provide you.

real estate investor websites screenshot 10

Share your sites, pages, forms, and design templates with friends by having the ability to export and import any of your settings to XML data files.

With the exporting and impoting to XML data file capabilities, you can export any of your site settings, pages, forms and design templates and share them with any of your other real estate investor investor friends. If you want to share a site that you are having success with, just export the settings to a file and give it to your friends to import into their account and begin using those settings as well.

Step-by-simple-step videos to quickly show you how to use all the RealWebsite™ features so you can maximize the profit potential of your websites.

We've created a complete library of training videos for you to watch and learn how to use every single feature available to get the absolute most value out of RealWebsite™, and to ensure your websites are optimized to drive in leads by the thousands. There are also videos to show you how to integrate with email autoresponders, Google Analytics, setup a PPC campaign, and how to promote your site on the internet to drive in more traffic.

FREE Technical Support!

Our extensive library of videos will give you all the information you need to be able to completely manage your own websites. However, we completely understand that you may have an additional question or problem, so we offer FREE technical support. You can easily find answers to common support questions using our technical support knowledge base, or you can email us and we will respond within 24 hours (usually within 1 or 2 hours).

Create Up To 10 Websites!
NO Setup Fees!
FREE Technical Support!
Only $27 Per Month!

NOTE: You can create up to 10 websites with ONE $27/month subscription

Have Your New Real Estate Investing Business Website
Up And Collecting Leads In The Next 5 Minutes...

For Just $1 Today!

I want to give you full access to the entire system for a full 30 days so you can be sure that this is the real estate investor websites solution for your investing business!

If you are not completely satisfied with this service, simply email us within the 30-day trial period and we'll cancel the subscription on the spot. NO questions asked, and NO further obligations or commitments on your part!

Simply click the Add To Cart button below to setup your user account and billing information to start your 30 day trial of RealWebsite™ for just $1.

After the 30 day trial period ends you will be automatically billed on a recurring monthly basis (every 30 days) for only $27. You can cancel at anytime by sending us an email using the contact us page.


I look forward to having you as a new RealWebsite™ member!

John Schroeder - President
Developer of RealWebsite™ -
Real Estate Investor Websites

RealInvestor Software, LLC
5379 Ocean Blvd
Sarasota, FL 34242

Remember: There is literally NO risk here. Start your 30 day trial by creating your user account and get instant access to the RealWebsite system and have your new real estate investor website up in the next 5 minutes!

And if you are not 100% convinced that there is no better real estate investor websites solution for your business, then contact us within the 30 day trial and we will cancel your subscription. Response times are within 24 hours and cancellations are immediate with NO questions asked.

If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ page, or contact us here.

"This is a wonderful
no-brainer service
and a must have..."

"Before I used RealWebsite I tried to setup a squeeze page for capturing motivated sellers. It took me five days and I have a technical background creating websites.

It was just too time consuming. After I signed up for your trial I purchased four domains from Godaddy then setup and configured a total of six sites in half a day. That was only after watching four of the tutorial videos.

All the sites are live and I can tweak them as I go but they are ready to work for me out of the gate. This is a wonderful no-brainer service and a must have for the novice or experienced investor.

Thanks again!"

Andy Schnelker

Peregrine Mountain
Real Estate Investments
Monument, Colorado

"Your products and systems are very valueable..."

"Just wanted to let you know that I find your products and systems very valuable. I've been utilizing several products over the last couple of years and your solutions deliver the most value.

At any rate, just wanted to let you know that I value your products/solutions. Thanks."

Milton De La Cruz

Three Kings Day Co, LLC
Lakeland, Florida


"Simply PHENOMINAL!!!"

"I just wanted to say that you are an absolute genius! Your software system is the easiest I've ever seen, and there are thousands out there. You definitely mean what you say. When you said it will be up in 5 minutes, you were not kidding. Absolutely phenomenal!!!

Every what on each page was exactly what I wanted to convey to the public. You are an extraordinary creator. I wish I found your software package years ago, I would have saved so much time and money :-)

But there's no better time than the present. Thank you so very much. I will pass the word on about your system to others. Simply PHENOMENAL!!!"

Lynn D. Johnson
Royalty Investors, LLC
Silver Springs, Maryland

"Your online website design is Incredible!"

"Your online website design is Incredible! We were paying a company hundreds of dollars each month, while, at the same time, our requested listing updates would take a week or longer to be posted.

I'm no 'techy' but your tutorials and easy to use setup process made it seamless to get my site setup!

I also am in FULL USE with the Aweber service. It integrates very easily with your design. I was using 'Constant Contact', but Aweber is 10x the site, at least for the purpose of real estate!"

Kevin Wells
The Wells Organization, L.P.
Encinitas, California

"Everything about
it is perfect and
makes me look very professional..."

"Wanted to give a quick thanks to the awesome job on the websites at a ridiculously low price!

I have used other sites in the past that charged hundreds of up front fees and more than triple monthly fees.

It is so easy to edit your sites and best of all you don't have to be a computer guru.

If you can follow simple directions you can have multiple sites up very quickly.

Everything about it is perfect and it makes me look very professional.


Josh Hershner
Clear Sky Home Solutions
West Chester, Ohio

"RealWebsite is a great resource..."

"You have figured out what WE want to say, how to say it, and the option to customize our messages with color, sound, and image!

You have really made this important part of my professional business image at Prospect Properties, one that stands out.

Having the training videos on each page could not be any easier than a click of the mouse and I am in your class room... and with each step spelled out with by example in your voice.

I realize what time and effort you have put in this software and also what time you have allowed us to have with you on a "customer support" basis.

RealWebSite is a great resource. We real estate investors have a great resource with your web development tool.


Brian McElroy
Prospect Properties, LLC
Gulfport, Mississippi

"Thanks for making my job as an investor easier..."

"I have been working with John Schroeder and RealInvestor websites for several years now.

With this product, I have created multiple professional looking websites within a matter of days without having to know HTML or other techie stuff.

Because of this I am better able to focus on my core business of Real Estate Investing with Lease Options!

Working with John has been a pleasure! Despite the fact that he has lots of other customers, he has always taken the time out to answer my individual questions, and make sure that my website is performing properly!

Thanks John for making my job as an investor easier!"

Juliet Fogarty 
Turning Leaf Properties, LLC
Vienna Virginia