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Frequently Asked Questions: 
Take a look below to find out answers to common questions that may help you decide if RealWebsite is the real estate investing website hosting service for you.

What makes RealWebsite different than other web hosting solutions?

RealWebsite cuts through the information overload that paralyzes so many smart, motivated real estate investors so that you can quickly create your own unique investing website quicker than ever before!

It's also the first website builder to allow you to create up to 10 websites so you can target multiple investing markets, and split test direct mail and other marketing campaigns.

It took six months of round-the-clock work and tens of thousands of dollars to perfect RealWebsite for you. We've done all the hard work, based on years of experience in software developing, real estate investing AND marketing on the Internet, so you don't have to figure it out for yourself. 

Just login, make some simple adjustments, and you're ready to send visitors to your site.

Why would I want to create more than one website?

There are many good reasons to create multiple websites, but the most common reason is to have separate websites for buying houses and selling houses.

For example, for a buying houses site you would not need to have information about how you sell houses on lease option or wholesale them, etc.  This might confuse your prospective sellers, and could kill their interest in contacting you.

Same goes for your selling website.  You may only want to have a site setup for your primary exit strategy so you can target your prospective buyers and focus them on your site that you use for building your buyers list.

The two other main reasons to create separate sites are for split testing marketing campaigns, and for selling individual houses. You can register cheap domains and point them to disposable websites. 

You may want to create a site to sell an individual property and use that website address ( on all your marketing.  Then after you sell the property you can delete that website and create another one for the next property.
Will my website look like everyone else's?

Not at all! You can change the look of your site using the design template feature.  This will give you the ability to change any design element of your website including header and footer images, background colors, border colors, font type and color, and anything else you need to make your site look as unique as you like.

You can also select from one of our many design templates that are already professionally designed for you to give your site that impressive look that builds instant credibility with your visitors.

If you wanted to have custom graphics created by a graphic designer, you can easily import them and apply them to your design template as well.

With the ability to easily change page content, design templates, and feedback forms you will have complete control over your website, without having to know a single thing about HTML or any other web programming language.

Can I register and use my own website domain name?

Yes! You can either use the default website address that is given to you, or you can register your own domain name with a service like and then point that domain name to our servers so it can be used on any of your websites hosted with us.  We have a video in the training video library that explains this process step-by-step in detail.
Will I be able to use email autoresponders with my websites?

Yes! You can integrate ANY email autoresponder software solution with your websites.  The feedback forms feature has the ability to post the submission details (when visitor submits the form) to your autoresponder service to add the visitor information to your email list. We have a video in the training video library that explains this process step-by-step in detail.

How will I get access to the details that the visitors submit in the feedback forms?

When a visitor submits a feedback form, the details can be saved in your form submissions database, and emailed to you as an CSV attachment so you can easily import the details into another program like RealProspect. We have a video in the training video library that explains this process step-by-step in detail.

How long will it take to have a functional website up and running?

We provide you with a complete functioning website right from the beginning.  As soon as you sign up and create your account you will have your first website ready to go.  Then from there you can begin to make changes if you want, or leave it alone and start driving traffic to it.

We provide you with a complete library of videos to show you how to use every feature so you can easily and confidently make changes to your sites without any trouble at all.

How will I be able to cancel my subscription if I want to?

It's simple and you can cancel at any time. Just send us an email using our contact us form to let us know you would like to cancel your subscription.  Response times are within 24 hours and cancellations are immediate.

Is there technical support if anything goes wrong?

Absolutely! Technical support is FREE via email and our support knowledge base. If you have a question or issue you can check our ever expanding support knowledge base that will be available from your user profile when you login, and if you need additional assistance you can email us and we will respond within 24 hours (usually same business day).

Will RealWebsite be adding any new features in the future?

Definitely! We will be listneing to your feedback, comments and input and adding it to RealWebsite as time goes by to ensure you stay ahead of your competition and maximize the benefits of your RealWebsite subscription.